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day 2!

brigid nyc


2 pills down and I didn't blow up or die! So far, no side effects. My skin was a lil dry last night but I had gotten sun over the weekend, so it could have been that.

Speaking of SUN - I'm realizing now that I planned a few concerts/outdoor events this summer.. Here's praying that I dont have any really bad breakouts around the time of them...EEK! More importantly - any advice on how bad will my skin be in the sun?? I've been wearing sunscreen everyday at my derm's recommendation. I'm fair skinned to begin with - so if I was going to a concert in August, I'd always wear sunscreen. Now I'm thinking I may also have to rock a hat?

Still super nervous about this initial breakout....slightly reassured by others saying its not THAT much worse than a normal breakout, but still nervous....

OK trying to stay positive. Looked at some other people's pics today & remembering that even though December seems eons away at the moment, eventually this will be done AND hopefully it will all be worth it!!

xo B

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hey! im on month 5 and i have been getting plenty of sun this summer but i have not had any side effects besides my face being a little red for 2 days. I would not worry to much about your outdoor events as long as you are wearing spf 50+ and about your initial breakout, you might not even have one! i didnt :clap: i had severe acne and my skin cleared up in aboout 2 weeks all i am left with is light brownish spots which will hopefully fade away in time. Goodluck! :) -A

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