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Day 167 - on Acctuane



The bumps on my lips have magically disappered....I guess that's a good sign. I did get my labs back and there all good.....

I keep looking at the 3 packs of pills I have left and can't beleive my acctuane treatment is almost over....I'm looking forward to not have to take pills everyday....and trying to explain to others around me why I can't have a glass of wine with dinner, or when I do Why I'm such a light weight....

It has been a really hard journy for me since My first pill in January 6, 2011...We are now in in the end of June and hope all the ups and downs in my health were worth it. As of right now I say yes because my skin is super clear.....It's after that I'm worried about....

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Wow! I have the same problem.. explaining people how is it that I get buzzed with one glass of beer or wine! and why I can't be in the sun ! I'm still in my second month so I still have a long way to go.

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