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Day 26



Can't believe I've been doing this for almost a month! I have to admit I haven't seen the significant improvement in this time that I had hoped for at the start, but I guess month 1 is mainly about purging and getting all the crap out and hopefully I should start to see more results in month 2.

A few of the clogged pore come whiteheads have lost the head and are now just red splotches but there are still a lot!

My forehead is clear again apart from faint red marks and a scab right near my hairline from my last crazy picking session but this looks more like I've burnt myself with straighteners to be honest ha!

I ordered more of Dan's products along with the jojoba oil as I'm thinking I can use this on my dryness!

I also think I know why my face has been going redder than normal around my eyes! Lately I think that when I spread the BP I've gone slightly higher up on my cheeks and instead of just doing my forehead I have spread it down by my temples. I dunno why I started doing this to be honest, guess it was just to help the BP be absorbed! Plus I got a slight spot come up on both cheeks slightly higher than I normally do so I was probably making sure these were getting slathered in BP ha. Will definitely have to take more care tomorrow with that as the rest of my face seems to be a lot less red.


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