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ok so im a 15 yr old boy. and i just started breaking out as soon as i got to highschool im not sure why. but i do think its because i go to a vocational school and im learning welding so as soon as i started welding in highschool i started breaking even tho before i always had grown a pimple like once a week but when i started welding i started growing pimples on my forehead and cheek which is really rare. so i had probably like 6 pimples. so during the middle of the school year i told my mom to take me to get a facial and my face got somewhat clearer but not alot. but then i went back to welding and so i started breaking out and growing alot of whiteheads and blackeheads. so anyway my mom took me to a dermatologist and gave me differin gel .3 and doxyclyne hyclate which worked for 2 weeks and then made me break out so much that made my forehead look infected. so then i went back to my dermatologist and gave me tretinoin 0.5 and told to keep on taking doxycline hyclate 500mg. but obviously that didnt work it just made it 10x worst. so i just stop taking everything for like a month and i got a little bit clearer. but then again i had an appointment with my dermatologist and he put me on differin 0.1 lotion and erythromycin tablets 500mg. it did clear alot of my whiteheads and blackheads but made me grow alot of pimples on m cheeks and when i put it on my forehead it make me breakout alot so i stopped and now my forehead finally clear but on my cheeks is where i put the differin lotion at and i grow alot of pimples there. so what should i do???

do you think i started breaking out because of welding or because im at that age??

can welding cause acne??

should i just go get a facial and get my pores clean and stop taking medication??

did differin work for you and did erythromycin work??

pleasee helpp!!!!!!!!


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