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Day 25 - Just checking in




Just checking in before I leave for work. I went to one of those day counter things because once the Regimen started working for me I stopped keeping track of what day it was. And it's day 25, or 3 weeks and 4 days. Awesome!

I had a slight breakout this week, about Saturday, and it's cleared mostly today, Tuesday, so that's pretty good. New acne is clearing fast, and not developing much. I had a zit on Sunday which I was dying to pick, so I gave in and picked. Bad idea. It got super red and inflamed and the head on it got even bigger, and it was really painful. So on Monday while I was going about my daily work, I was answering the phones like I always do (receptionist) and I pulled the phone across my face so I could use my computer and talk and then BAM I hit my zit. It was so painful. But that night the swelling started to go down and today it has a little scab on it and it's not so angry and red - well it's still a little red but it's not threatening to attach anymore.

That's about it... Keeping up with the Regimen, except I adjusted it so I use full BP at night and only 2/3 during the day, to help control the crazy flaking I was having. I like the jojoba a lot, except if I use it as a massage oil it's too much for my body to handle and I develop a rash on my neck, which is where the thyroid is, so I don't want to be endangering that. I just go with whatever oil the masseuse and/or my husband has. I don't break out from it so that's good. The jojoba oil does help a lot, it leaves my face looking a little oily but that's better than flaking like crazy and looking like you're suffering from leprosy.

So jojoba oil good, using BP 2/3 during the day and full at night is good.


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