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Day 25



When I took my makeup off yesterday one of the whiteheads had scabbed over and the other one had grown, it was soooo big and ripe for picking! However, it was that ripe that it actually popped whilst I was taking my makeup off - that definitely doesn't count as me picking! I'm on like day 3 I think now of no picking and I feel confident that I can do it so far :cool: (I hope!)

The right side of my face is sooooo bumpy - I think this is due to all the clogged pores I had coming up as aside from these about 8 red bumps with slightly visible (only if you look reaaaally close) white heads in the middle I can't really find any more clogged pores on my face. So I'm thinking that if I leave these to come out on their own hopefully it should be clear sailing! Optimistic maybe... Lol.

I've also got one spot coming up on the left side but I've left it alone so far.

Since I stopped using AHA as my am and pm moisturiser and started using an actual moisturiser in the am I am having suuuch trouble with my face going red, especially around my eyes even though I definitely avoid this area!

I'm going to make another order soon so might also order some Jojoba Oil. I'm not really low on my products yet but last time it took about 17 days to get here so it's best to be prepared!! Gonna go for the 16oz bottles this time, man my bank is gonna hate me!!