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Day 89

John o


Monday, June 20th. Day 89 of course 2. Skin has significantly cleared up, only a couple bumps appearing here and there, but I know it's the accutane "pushing out" whatever's remaining. Just redness (hyper pigmentation) to deal with, trying to find some type of tinting lotion that can even out my complex. Classes start in a week! Excited. I really pray I'm confident and have clear skin by the time I move to Atlanta to attend college..

Life's hard, but you gotta keep your head up and push through it!

I Still miss her, and wish that I could be there and be with her, but there's been too many obstacles that have landed in my path of life that I've chosen to deal with now. 17 & 18 were real difficult ages for me, my skin playing a big part of it, I can only hope 19 is amazing for me. And I pray that I won't ever have to worry about my skin every minute of the day like I do now. Tomorrow morning im going to the pharmacy to re-up on accutane. Starting month 4.

I'll update in a week or 2 but for now, got work to do!