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Day 50 - Time flies, Halfway done!




Well technically I am over halfway done my Accutane course, and I know now is really where all the change is supposed to be happening. I still have some bumps from last week's breakouts from what was either the olive oil or SPF 70 that my derm gave me. I hope it was the SPF 70 that made me break out because I'll feel better putting the blame on my derm :cool:

I am definitely going to be taking pictures today because what I see in the mirror and what I see in comparison to previous pictures is much different. There is an improvement on my face but there is still a long way to go.

I want to point out that when I first went to go see my derm before starting Accutane it was to get his opinion on some laser treatments. He told me that lasers make acne worse and that before we pursue lasers we need to 'turn the acne off'. I really hope this will be the end result, because the sooner the acne is 'turned off' then the sooner I can start lasers, which means the scarring that I have won't be prolonged. I am not saying this to be dramatic, but it makes me want to cry when I envision the type of scarring I am vulnerable to have one day if I don't do anything about my already damaged skin. So I really really hope that this next half of my course is the pivotal phase where any red blemishes are eliminated. I am optimistic because there has been an improvement to where I am today. If in reality different results transpire then I am open to the idea of doing another course. I don't care what anyone says, this shit works!

I am still enjoying being dry because it means I don't sweat and my hair doesn't get oily as quickly as it did before. I'm low maintenance with this sort of stuff, so it's just even better that I don't HAVE to wash my hair like before.

I am dry to the point where my hands feel like scales if I don't moisturize them. I guess this is a very susceptible area of dryness for me because I wash my hands more than the average person. I am not OCD, but interestingly I'd like to point out that I get sick less frequently than the average person does. Germs spread so wash your hands!

Before it wasn't a big deal, but now after showering I have to apply body lotion. I've gotten up from bed in the middle of the night because I wont' stop itching myself until I have moisturized. My elbows also seem to be dryer than the other parts of my body. I find my body isn't picky about cream, so I just have this litre of Avon oatmeal body moisturizer.

Lip balm is part of the necessity checklist before I leave my home, if I don't have it with me it's a bad day and makes me look weird for licking my lips every 3 seconds. :wacko:

Other than that I have no other things to really report on. I am done summer school this Thursday (with the exception of an exam the following week) which will be a big relief. I am taking summer school for the second part of the summer but it's only one course this time, not 3, and NOT intensive! I know my stress levels will decrease and anticipate this having an effect on my skin (hopefully).

I think that's it, but before I go I want to point out that I've noticed my diet isn't affecting my skin. I'm still not much of an egg and dairy person, but when and if I do consume it I don't see any adverse effects on my skin.

Just a sidenote, switching from a refined food diet to a more basic one is great for your health and wallet. I was spending up to $60 a week on food when I used to buy crap. With more fruits and vegetables (and no dairy or eggs) in my diet I've easily cut my costs down by half. I also don't walk aimlessly around the grocery store, I know exactly what I need. Sometimes though I will look at prepared and frozen food to get inspiration for what I should make myself :dance:

I've been doing a terrible job with doing any exercise, but I think there are fundamental things in my diet that have prevented me from 'going over the edge'. This includes not using any white refined sugar (honey only), no salt, no dairy or eggs, and light meat. I am looking forward to going to the gym more, I really think that's something I could commit to once school is done for this month.

I know I went on a tangent and that doesn't have a lot to do with skin per say, but I know from experience that before Accutane there were certain foods I knew would make me break out more, despite being healthy.

Okay, that's it I think. Oh! One more thing, I am only using Burt's Bees products because they are over 98% natural and it feels REAL. There is nothing synthetic about my skin regime anymore (aside from the Accutane lol) and I find that it shows. I have been having trouble with a face moisturizer that is long-lasting, or at least that makes the white flakes on my face disappear. Some days it's worse than others and I find that this is in correlation to how much water I drink. Same goes with nose bleeds. So with that said I am going to make something for dinner and go fill my brita jug.

Cheers :(


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