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Day 20



Ok so I am back!! I haven't been able to update in a little while due to being uber busy at both my jobs. Ah yes, there is nothing better then leaving home early, and getting back late, only to eat a quick take out supper and then off to bed to do it again the next day. :wacko: I was hoping that my schedule would free up a little bit with summer here, but that hasn't been the case at all. I've also been under a bit of stress recently due to a person quitting at my 2nd job, so that means I need to work the extra hours. But my body has been letting me know its tired, I'm also not as young as i use to be lol.

So an update regarding my face, which is the important part. Well I had my favourite time of the month last week, yes my period. I was dreading it because of the breakouts I normally get, and I was fearful of getting some very inflammed acne. BUT to my surprise, I really didn't get any sort of huge bad break out :( I did have a clogged pore come up right in the centre of my forehead, which I extracted, and then it turned into an inflammed pore, of course which I continued to pick at because stuff would come out of it :cool:. I also had a couple come up on my chin, One which I popped, and its now just dead skin coming off, and the other was like the harded sebum, which I popped and it now just starting to heal. I also had one on the left side of my far cheek, and two come up yesterday on my right side near my nose. Not too bad if I say so myself!.

But I'm still enjoying the product line. I have noticed that the moisturiser leaves almost like a sticky film on my face after I apply it. It does feel kinda gross, BUT it makes a fantastic primer for my make up, which is totally awesome!! But the sticky feeling doesn't last all day, it does go away after like 30 mins or so. I'm hoping that my face continues to get better :dance:)

Diet wise, well it has been crappy! I've eaten WWAAYY to much take out food. Blah, I need to do some grocery shopping for some nice fresh stuff asap! But I have been taking some vitamin D3 1000iu's a day as I heard it helps with acne. I've also started to take biotin 1000mcg a day, it is suppose to help the body metabolize fats & carbs to produce energy! I need to have lots of energy to stay awake & focused during the day, and then to teach 3hrs or so of fitness classes in the evening.

On a side note, I've joined a dragon boat team!! Our city has dragon boat races every year, and i've always wanted to join a team, I have the oppurtunity this year to join, so I'm going for it! Oh, for those of you reading this, Dragon boat races are when teams of 22 crew members (20 paddlers, 1 drummer and 1 steerpersons) race in boats that look like dragons. It seems like a ton of fun!!

I'll try and update again soon!


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