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Report - [19, 6, 11]



Bowel movement on the morning of the 20th june a complete sloppy Joe, no firmness at all.

Diet report - [19, 6, 11]

2 glasses water

1/2 lemon

Small piece of ginger

2 pieces of celery

Large raw carrot

100 grams cottage cheese.

4 scrambled eggs with herbs, salt, pepper.

75 grams mozzerella

Frozen broccoli, cabbage, with butter, salt, pepper.

Large serving of plain white long grain rice.

Some burbing and fairly bad heartburn.

Yazoo banana milkshake [450ml] - Semi-Skimmed Milk,Skimmed Milk ,Sugar ,Banana Juice from Concentrate (1%) ,Natural Flavour ,Stabiliser: Gellan Gum ,Chicory Root Fibre ,Natural Colour: Annatto

100 grams cottage cheese.

250mls Baskin-Robbins Pralines 'n Cream Ice Cream

Felt a strange sense of nauseousness about 30 mins afterwards - strange sense in guts/stomach - didn't actuallyu feel sick though


Fairly bad heartburn about a couple of hours after broccoli, cabbage and rice - especially while trying to do some running.

Strange sense of nauseousness without actually feeling sick after ice cream in the evening.

Not much change to skin.

One new spot just under bottom lip - thats about it - think spots in my scalp - head have worsened.


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