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Day 24 (2 steps back?)



So I'm now on Day 24. I did pick some spots over the weekend which I am GUTTED about! I had 3 whiteheads on my chin all in a row! 2 new whiteheads this morning which I haven't picked yet... I always start off so confident I won't pick them but then in a day or so when they are still there I get impatient!

My new clean and clear moisturiser feels nice but I'm still stinging this morning after putting it on and my face was so red I literally look like I'm wearing a white mask around my eyes!! I'm hoping the redness dies down soon though :cool:

My mum and sister both commented on how my face looks a slight different colour and basically have been saying I should stop using it because something that does that to my face can't be good but I have faith in you Dan, and I'm gonna carry on and show them when I'm clear :wacko:

I hope the flakiness and redness die down soon though and my face gets used to it! I wouldn't mind the Regimen at all if it weren't for that.

Overall I feel pretty gutted this week as last week I had seen definite improvement but now I feel like I've took a couple of steps back, I dunno if I've had more spots because I picked or if they were coming anyway... But either way i have to stop picking FFS!!! I do seem to have a lot of clogged pores coming to the surface, maybe that's what's causing this recent breakout?

Oh and you know how I said my forehead was clear... Well I picked at basically NOTHING on there and now have a scab and a red spotty bit. What.A.Dick.


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