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Day 20



Well things aren't going so well. My scalp is getting itchier everyday. It hasn't been too flakey though. I got a slight sunburn on my face. It's not too red, but it feels super sensitive and burned. It made my forehead raw and peely. My lips aren't too dry, but they peel quite a bit. I'm still using Vaseline but I don't think it's enough. My pimples are peely. My forehead is clear, except around the eyebrows. My nose is less shiny, but covered in tiny blackheads. I have been getting A LOT of pimples around my mouth and on my chin. The cysts on my jaw haven't come out all the way yet, which is annoying. My back hurts after I bend down. It is getting annoying. Also last night I started throwing up. I sure hope it's not from the accutane....