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Report - [18, 6, 11]



Bowel movement of the 19th june firmer at first but then a bit sloppy. But overall firmer.

Diet report - [18, 6, 11]

2 glasses water

1/2 lemon

Small piece of ginger

2 pieces of celery

small raw carrot

Large serving of rice pudding. Long grain rice, milk, sugar, vanilla extract.

2 scoops of whey protein powder, spoon white cane sugar, glass of whole milk.

Serving of cabbage [sweet] with butter, salt, pepper.

I corn on the cob with butter.

225 grams of beef mince with half an egg, herbs, salt, pepper

125 grams of mozzarella

rice pudding. Long grain rice, milk, sugar, vanilla extract with cream cheese + cottage cheese - not too bad strangely[taste i mean]

Observations that day

I was urinating a lot in the morning and afternoon. Almost like i had taken diuretics or something.

Digestion was fine until about an hour after the beef - ate it about 40mins after the veg - could of been either. Although the beef mince was from frozen - it was bought from refridgerated section - and was reduced also.

~ an hour after beef started to get very mild heartburn which worsened about an hour after the rice pudding.

I don't know what was guilty.

Skin is better on face - some pre spot pain near nose and lip but havent turned into spots. Spots on knwck dieing - no new ones.

Back is pretty much clear - of new spots anyway.

Some small spots on chest though - aprox 4.

Nose is still annoying me - mild allergy type symtoms like hay fever even though im pretty sure its not.

I plan on re - entroducing some veg and elliminating some high histamine foods such as cheese and fish.

I would like to explore the histamine connection properly - kinda makes sense somehow.


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