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Won't be jinxing this



I know I know I'm so bad for not posting... not like anyone's interested anyway but hey Im just gonna pretend you care.

Hello! Sorry for not posting for like a month. So here's what you missed: I tripped 50+ times, ate cake, finished my freshman year of HS, got a 4.21 on the report card, turned 15, and went to NY/NJ twice. So yay and because -God forbid- I traveled so much that can only mean one thing:

Yes bad hotel lighting.

Am I allowed to say holy crap. Because my pores looked like monsters on my face that were slowlly emerging out of their caves. Ok awful example. I was just bad. My period was late, and no I didn't have a bun in the oven so its all good :cool: It was just odd and late. I don't have a boyfriend anyway. So with all those clogged pores meant a lo of picking and a lot of scabbing on my cheeks. I was miserable. I had a zit on my mouth that made me look like I had plastic surgery. Ironically, I hate to meet my family that day.

But I'm with my horsey in WI now and my skin has been healing. My cheeks aren't as scabby but the adapalene is doing its thing and I got small red pustules near the scabs. But so far my face is covering up fine, my forehead has just some red dots that have nothing in um so I suspect its a new alien source of acne that I started. Welcome. And except for on spot near the middle of my chin thats like a whole, I suppose you can say Im doing better. Maybe.

Thanks for reading!



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