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Trial and Error, never get tired of trying :]

Chelsie Louise


I was very excited to spend the weekend with the whole family, so when I got up this morning; I did a quick wash and groomed myself for going out (well I didn't dress up, I did my make-up to start off). I even slept with a couple of buns to set my hair curled. So when I came to breakfast, the sad reality killed me xD arrrrghhhh! Dad was going to teach english to a bunch of japanese people! So that means we're stuck at home xD oh make-up went to waste.why is the title like that? well it's because after learning that we weren't going out, I decided not to wash my make-up off even though I'd stay at home. And just before I started writing this entry, I looked in the mirror and was shocked to how freaking OILY my skin was! demn :cool: my face is so shiny and I'm so worried that it might cause me break outs! Trial and error. With discovering that the make-up I used today caused my skin to juice out tons of facial oil, I've decided to find for a new one. Why risk your skin? I know it would be such a waste to throw the makeup away but would you rather have crazy acne because of it? Putting that in mind, it's basically the reason why you're putting makeup on! but don't worry, I won't throw it away anyway and I won't use it too. I'll give it away to someone who are more suitable to use such things, knowing that I can't. Cause' it's like that. Trial and error. Try something and if it doesn't work out then look for something else. But this doesn't mean that we should be impatient. Specifically we should at least try it out for some time and determine whether the results are good or bad. We should be aware that some products DO TAKE TIME to process its result, that's why being patient with trial and error is a MUST! :wacko: "We learn from our mistakes, so never regret anything" <---always look through the good in everything so that you won't feel bad, less STRESS and a happy life, right?So imma wash off now. And I'm thinking of using something different now than my green tea and yogurt mask. JUST TRYING :( ahe^^ Fighting! <3


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