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An Introduction to My Skin



Since this is my first blog post I'll let it be about the background of my skin.

My mother apparently suffered from mild acne when she was younger. She has not experienced adult acne besides the occasional PMS pimple. My biological father apparently had "bad" acne when he was younger - not really sure the exact time or the exact severity. It sounded as if it was at least moderate, and considering the type of acne I get I think that they were of the nodule or cyst type.

I am turning 21 this year. I live in a humid, subtropical climate zone. I am half African American, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter Japanese. I have relatively oily skin, and my problematic acne area is the proverbial "t-zone".

I did not experience terrible acne in my teenage years, but my acne was certainly noticeable - though I didn't really pay attention to it medicinally or mentally. There were times of just using water, or perhaps using some face wash that my mother bought, but I never really paid attention to it. I can't recall a regimen that I ever stuck to because my skin was never terrible - a few white heads here and there, an occasional nodule on my nose. My dark skin, along with my relatively stable confidence level, helped mitigate any acne that I did have.

This inattentiveness all stopped around my junior year in high school. My acne got slightly worse and I started paying a little more attention to it. I was prescribed duac topical gel and I used it religiously - certainly more consistently than I had ever used anything for my face. I used it in conjunction with water or face soap, depending on how I felt that day, and it worked well until sophomore year in University.

About 3 years after I started treating my acne it starting getting worse. Over those 4 years with duac I used it capriciously and it worked. Sophomore year in University it didn't work. I started breaking out the worse than I had ever, so I got another prescription of duac and, this time, a retinol. It did not work at all, and I was surprised and dejected. This was the first time in my life that I had stuck to a regimen and it didn't work. This was about a year and a half ago, and I have been stumbling around ever since: trying out multiple face washes, all with the same unfortunate result.

I, about 2 months ago, ultimately got fed up and figured I'd drop a bigger amount on a system. I looked around for a bit and Acne.org felt like a great place. Dan didn't seem like a charlatan or someone trying to take advantage of the psychological effects of acne. He seemed like a genuine guy and the prices were great. Anyway, I'll start my next post with a, perhaps few, picture(s) and my results so far on the regimen.


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