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Histamine intolerance ? and Acne - Any connection?



Histamine intolerance is something i need to look into.

Especially after my banana related episode.

I know my digestion if fucked and it feels like something must be repsonsible.

There has to be somekind of cause and effect going on.

I am exploring fructose malabsorbtion and gluten sensitivity but maybe they have nothing to do with it or maybe something else is going on as well.

histamine intolerance does explain my difficulties with tomato dishes, some fruit, eggs occasionally.

Could be linked to my erythromelalgia and mild allergies [plaster [band aid] allergy etc]

Also i could be struggliong with some kind of histamine intolerance but it may have nothing to do with acne.

Something else to think about

WEIRD SHIT as always


I am looking into this as well. Check out my recent post in Adult Acne. I stumbled onto a possible connection when looking at triggers listed on the Oracea site (I take Oracea). I've been eating spinach and avocado daily...two of the main histamine triggers. And I have fructose malabsorption and food allergies...to things like tomato, etc. Interesting! I'm going to avoid high histamine foods (...along with the ones on my allergy and fructose diets) and see if hopefully I can get my flare-ups to subside.

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Hi, just seen your reply. I will have a look later cheers. I did avoid high histamine and histamine foods for a while, but as with most diets ive tried, i eventually gave up because i wasn't seeing results. If i remember correctly the whole Histamine issue is a complete mind field and i think i started to question the reliability of the histadelia thing even though it did seem promising at the time. I think i was also taking Quercetin and maybe TMG and i had to stop because i was having Kidney pain/issues.

It could be quite likely Histamine is nothing to do with any of my problems.

I think the thing with Histamine is as its released when you eat something you have allergies/sensitivities to, unless you remove all of those too, then you will still get the histamine release.

Also off the top of my head, i think your gut flora may have something to do with histamine and i think i can remember reading that some types of bacteria may release it. So the whole gut flora balance thing may be an issue to.

Also i think Amylase, digestion of starch, may be somehow related to Histamine.

For myself gut flora is definitely an issue i just dont know how. I remember having some kind of theory that i wasn't producing enough amylase maybe which meant i could only digest limited amounts of starch and wasn't dealing with histamine maybe. ALso maybe this had led to an overgrowth or disbalance of my gut intestinal bacteria etc.

I tend to have problems with gas lol.

Either upper intestinal gas eg burbing/belching/acid reflux etc which tends to come from starch eg potatoes and rice, large amounts of white pasta.

Or lower intestinal gas, eg farting/tooting which tends to come from fruit/veg/fibre - not sure what types of fibre though.

Anyway i'm not even sure if my digestion problems [which arent serious really] are actually connected to my acne.

I'll probably continue to go around in circles whatever lol.

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