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Report - [16, 6, 11] [Banana incident]



Bowel movement this morning the now regular firm at first followed by sloppy.

Diet report: [16, 6, 11]

2 glasses water

1/2 lemon

Small piece of ginger

2 pieces of celery

raw carrot

Piece of mild cheddar

50 grams Milka milk chocolate - made with hazelnuts

BANANA {please see below]

2 scoops of whey protein powder, spoon white cane sugar, glass of whole milk.

Serving of greens with butter, salt, pepper.

375 grams of 65 % beef mince 35 % pork mince, 1/2 egg, tikka curry powder, mixed herbs, salt.

Piece of mild cheddar.


I had some fairly bad/annoying gi problems.

About an hour after the banana i started getting a weird mild pain/feeling under my sternum. Almost felt like my lungs. Very weird. Couldof been anything i guess. This then progressed to pain in my intestines/guts over the next couple of hours - slight distension/bloating - it was more discomfort than anything else. The pain was mainly if i touch or pressed my abdomen.

It felt like i had stomach muscle doms - but i know that wasnt the case.

This lasted a good few hours.

After a couple of hours there was some farting and belching. So pain was probably gas as much as anything else.


Because the banana was the last thing i ate i am pointing all fingers at that but could still have been for various reasons.

Could have been the fructose.

Could have been a banana allergy - something todo with latex as i am allergic to plasters[band aids]

Could of been histamine - maybe an accumulation after the chocolate as well.

Im not sure how histamine intolerance works so i will have to look into it.

Could of been something else entirely.


Yesterday morning wasn't great - had pre spot pain in upper lip and chin. Some spots on neck - some peossible red marks on forehead.

Weird thing is this morning skin seems much better - pre spot pain doesnt appear to be turning into spots.

Some spots on kneck below ears still and one has come in hairline near eyebrow.

Not too bad though considering diegstive problems yesterday.

Probably because connection between GI anf acne isnt that simple if there is one at all.


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