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Day 42



Feeling discouraged today, so this entry is probably going to end up more of a rant than anything. Have developed a painful inflammatory spot on the side of my nose which I ended up messing with yesterday instead of leaving it alone, and when I woke up this morening it was painful and angry so I squeezed the hell out of it, relaeased the infection, and while it now feels a whole lot better, I know I will be left with a mark for a while there now. Also, because I messed with that I ended up going for broke and messing with an uninflamed bump that has been bugging the hell out of me that was sitting in the middle of a hyperpigmented patch of skin on my cheek. It was the wierdest bump - right under the skin, no head and just was sitting there doing nothing, so I squeezed the hell out of it and managed to get only the tiniest speck of sebum which seemed to come from quite deep down, and now my skin there is bruised and will probably be even more hyperpigmented than before.

So the first inflammatroy sopt I've had in over a month and I caved and killed it, and a non-inflammatory bump that I shoulda just left well alone and I couldn't help but kill that too. Mnah. My skin looks worse for it, and whilst everywhere else is okay and I didn't end up going on a full scale squeezing session all over, mainly cos the rest of my skin is fine, I feel I have really let myself down when my skin was doing well and looking great.

Trying to think what could have caused me to breakout on the side of my nose, and thinking that it could be an emu oil thing, but I have no clogged pores anywhere else, so perhaps it is just one of those spots that everyone gets now and then. I haven't eaten any gluten, although I have been using the worcester sauce in my cupboard on a few things this week - it isn't gluten free (has malt vinegar in) but I figured that as it was only a trace amount I might be able to get away with it, and I know I was using it at the beginning of going gluten free before realising that it contained malt vinegar, without any problems at all. If this has been the cause, it just goes to show how sensitive my system is getting to gluten now that I have been off it for such a long time. Will definately buy the kosha worcester sauce next time I am in the supermarket for futue use.


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