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Day 8-Continuing to Improve



Yay, I have a day off of work today! :cool: Gonna go grocery shopping, maybe do some laundry, and wash the dishes. I actually accomplished cleaning the bedroom..very proud of myself. My boyfriend's old roommate that currently lives in NYC might visit tonight, which would be wonderful. He was always very sweet and interesting to talk to. He is an amazing cook, so hopefully I can whip up a few yummy snacks. I'm thinking homemade french fries with different dipping sauces. :wacko: Ugh, now I'm super hungry. Sunny side up eggs and bacon here I come!!

As far as the skin goes, it is gradually getting better. When I took a shower last night after work I used my Cetaphil + baking soda and one spot that was bothering me came to an easily squeezable head (gross I know :dance:) and it is a tiny red spot today. Not even noticable. The forehead is still yucky, but I don't care too much because I have bangs that I can trim up in a pinch. Don't like the feeling of hair in my face though. Upper lip is still red from past picking and one clogged spot is slowly coming to head. Hopefully it doesn't pop up on Saturday or I will be so tempted to pop it. The chin is blah. Yesterday at work I went to look in the bathroom mirror and my chin was flaky. Yuck. I ran to get my Paula's Choice little sample of moisturizer and slapped some on. I'm glad I threw that in my purse. It felt nice, so I might actually purchase that next along with my BHA refill (definitely a repurchase on that one). I'm excited for Saturday and just hanging out with the girls, skin be damned I will have fun. I just have to remember to keep my hands away from my face and take care of myself. I'm worth it! :(


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