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Day 15



Thursday 16th June

Did a quick lemon and honey face mask in the bath yesterday. It was quick because I ran a bath, prepared the mixture, got my bath playlist on... mmm sunk into the warm water with the sweet sticky mask healing my skin - paradise.

BANG BANG BANG "ABS WE ARE LEAVING FOR THE CINEMA IN TEN MINUTES AND YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE". Ah shit I forgot he was coming and I deifnitely forgot about seeing X Men First Class.

Jumped out of the bath and washed my face. Decided to go sans make up, even though my skin is in that stage of healing and being white and crusty and rank.

I took 200mg Niacin B3 just as the film started so I could get my flush over and done with in the dark (clever hey!)

After the cinema I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror for a while... Girls standing next to me had such smooth skin and mine looked so red and bumpy in comparison. For the rest of the night I was careful to turn my head away from my boyfriend and let my hair fall forwards to cover my face.

This morning my skin does look like its healing and getting better. I know the crustiness will fall off eventually so I'm restraining myself from getting my nails involved and having a pick fest.

I've added new photos to my gallery to show my progress. I'm keeping it in my head that my skin DOES look a lot better than before and trying not to let the money and effort and anger get to me!


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