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THREE MONTHS IN!!! (Half-way there)



It the 3 month(90 days) mark 2 days ago! Felt sooo good! Also went for my doctor's appointment! He was really happy with the huge improvement!

AT this 3 month point my face was completely clear! no pimple in sight! it felt really good that my face and skin was looking smooth! However, almost on cue, in the late evening i got a pimple on my chin. The next day it developed into a white head. Its still camping there on my chin...feeling right at home it is!!! Its not sore or anything but its annoying! i am resisting the urge to squeeze it! its been 48 hours already!!!! arrrgh! anyhoo, i don't mind one i guess, considering what my face looked like!

I have some really good pics that show how far i have come. i made an album and everything in the gallery!(finally figured it out) but i cudnt bring myself to upload them. I feel rather embarrassed or ashamed of my skin wen it was at its worst! it looked so horrible! :cool:

Anyhoo, and winter is here and my skin was super dry. SO i have switched my body cream to aqueous cream with vitamin E oil added into it. Seems to be okay.

Evrything else is fine and under control.

"NEW" SIDE EFFECT: So i have had a painful wrist for about 2 months and i have just been ignoring it. I thought i hd sprained it in the gym or something. and then i also thought i had strained my tendons from running. So i have been off running for over a month now. Also, my legs were really sore last week after i took 5 spinning classes in 6 days. So i figured i must be over-training. So i took 5 days off gym. Had one medium intensity class yestrdy without any gym after and i have that same pain and fatigue in my legs. But after the doc's appointment and some research of my own..i am now connecting the dots!!! these are not isolated ailments but rather its the Oratane on the attack again.

It quite bad! If i lift a heavy text book or if i'm on my scooter i can feel the sharp pain shoot into my wrist. If i lie down or sit down for a bit, my ankles really hurt , i can bearly walk! my back has been very sore too. but my back's always had issues but now im guessing this is being pronounced by the Oratane! its really tough, coz i love exercise and had set my mind on a half marathon in august and october and also wanted to train for my first fitness competition.

Don't know if I can still do it.:wacko: its worrying me?

Anyhoo, depsite all this i am so happy about my face and the good Oratane has done for me! wish i had gone on it sooner!


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I'm so happy for you, my accutane buddy!I visited my derm yesterday too. I guess I'm not so clear as you are. I still have many ugly pink marks EVERYWHERE :- As for your joint pain, it's quite normal. I had wrist pain even when I was using topical isotane. So when I started accutane, I quit jogging. And I'm also taking fish oil and VitE everyday. Now my dose is higher but the wrist pain have receded. Hope this helps.

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Hi! I went to your album and the pics aren't there yet...I'll check tomorrow....It always amazes me the transformation of acne skins to clear skin...I have all of mine posted....

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