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Day 14 (started taking Niacin B3)



Wednesday 15th June 2011

I bought some new supplements yesterday! Spent 25squid on those little bastards. Was very interested in the Niacin after reading review on here.

Took 200mg this morning and I definitely experienced the flush. First my ears got hot and red, I looked in my rear view mirror and caught sight of my face, it looked as if I'd been slapped. So red. Then my hands and arms... I looked in the mirror and saw blotchy redness...

Anyway it only lasted for about half an hour.

I have two new spots on my cheeks that are quite painful. The ones on my chin are being a bit stubborn… I used lemon juice again last night, couple of minutes after I applied I felt very tight and uncomfortable.

I looked in the mirror and it looked like I’d been in an altercation with a cheese grater. Definitely won’t use lemon on it’s own again, will mix it 50/50 with honey.

In terms of how I feel about my skin today, I don’t feel sad about it. I can’t wait for my hair appointment tomorrow to get my roots done – bad hair AND bad skin doesn’t fill me with confidence about myself!


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