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Day 19



I only went wild again and picked that whitehead, along with two other little ones coming up along with a couple of clogged pores!!!! Seriously I need help! My face is actually looking a bit better as well (was!)

Definitely becoming less bumpy and less active acne, still tons of red marks though but I think they were fading VERY slightly.. Makes me angry that I'm so stupid because by doing this I've just added even MORE red marks on top!!! GRRRRR

I've also been using my AHA+ morning and night instead of a moisturiser as I was over eager to fade the red marks but think I'm going to drop that back to pm only as everyone on here thinks its not a great idea! My face is also pretty flaky which could be because the AHA is not moisturising enough.

My face is still getting some red patches too but man its nothing compared to the tan look I've got from PanOxyl before!

I don't get it though, a spot that's gone down from a few days back that was just on my top lip has basically gone and left no red mark whatsoever - why the hell can't the ones on my cheek do that? I picked it as well so it's not like that's the reason. I think it's just that the skin on your cheeks is different. Sucks cos that's where I get most of my spots :wacko:

Anyway, aside from f**king up my face again (albeit not as bad this time) I'm excited to see further improvements :cool:


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