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It should've been DAY 6

Chelsie Louise


Yesterday I went out the whole day and went on my bike. I was very exhausted when I got home and the bed just pulled me down! I never got to use the mask last night because I really wanted to sleep already. When I woke up this morning......great "breakouts". I just missed one night of the regimen and there they are again :cool: but still, everyone at home seems to notice how my acne scars dramatically faded. I just hate the few breakouts today, hope it's gone by tomorrow!Also, I've been sleeping quite late lately. Maybe at least 12-2 am! I dunno, I just can't find sleep and watch movies the whole night. But I discovered that it is very bad for the skin to do so! Especially when you sleep very late and wake up very late as well. A big NO NO NO! I'm so used to doing that and now I want to stop doing so! And if it really helps me to clear up, I'll be forcing myself to sleep and wake as early as I could if that is what it takes to clear up.The photographer came asking my father how long I'll be staying in Japan. I guess he wanted to schedule me for another shoot :] <-----basically the reason I'm so obsessed to clear up. Fighting! :wacko: <3