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Update! Life after Accutane! My lips are better!



Hallelujah! My lips really are better. I really began to notice a change this past weekend...I really never thought I would feel normal lips again! No more chapping and not having to slather some type of goo on them every 10 minutes is such a wonderful thing.

My eyes have also become less dry. My gums seem not to be as sensitive. My hands do not get cut or nicked as easily and my skin is less dry. I am 13 days off of Accutane.

I still have fairly significant joint pain. Still have the sticky, clammy feeling skin.

I am feeling more like myself with every passing day...I know now that I felt pretty crappy while on Accutane, just in general. I did not feel well, but it was never anything major. I just felt somewhat run-down, tired, and edgy while on the medication. It is funny how you get used to feeling less than your normal self and how quickly that becomes your reality.

I will keep reporting on my experience of post-Accutane life. Stay tuned....