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Just started roaccutane. Last resort



You know what I hate? The bloody celebrities on the proactiv advertisements!!! Screw you Katy perry!! Actually I like Katy perry lol but honestly everytime I see those celebrities advertising Proactiv I feel like throwing the. Controls at the tv. They sit there complaining and acting all depressed about their so called "acne" and they zoom in on their pictures and it's a tiny collection of bloody 5 of the smallest pimples I've ever seen in my life. Are you kidding me..... ? If you're going to promote an acne product try using someone that actually has full blown severe acne because we're the ones that deal with more crap. Grrrrr.

Anywho! - I know how to get rid of those blackheads on your nose!! My whole entire nose was covered with them!! It was so disgusting and bumpy. Tried everything until I started taking this medication call Akamin for acne and also used a topical cream call epiduo. I think it was more the cream that got rid of them. Now my nose, forehead, and chin are soo smooth! You can still see the open pores a bit but theyre empty! I'm so amazed never thought it would go away. Unfortunately it did not fix my severe  acne on my cheeks and neck but that's because I have a crap liver. Your liver. Cleanses your blood etc And if it ain't work as well as it's supposed to

The toxins will come out on your face. I went to a naturopath and that's what she said so I'm taking some stuff she gave me to fix my insides. As for the outside I wanted to attack that too in hope of it clearing faster. I just started roaccutane this week. 

It takes a couple months to clear up apparently but you know what? If it gets rid of it for good then it's worth the wait. I've been hibernating in my room for months only leaving to go work and that's fine with me I'd rather live like this temporarily than see other people. People say they don't judge you etc etc but that's not the point!! It's how you feel that matters, if you feel insecure when you know people can see it nothings gona change that. Not even someone saying to you flat out "I don't care if you have acne". 

The only solution is to keep on striving to get rid of it. Try everything and anything. 

Man I've tried like EVERYTHING. It's true that not everything works on anyone cause everything I've tried people have sworn by it but oh hullo... Didnt work on me. Too bad keep trying.. Hopefully what I'm doing now works.

Does anybody know the difference between accutane and roaccutane if there is a difference?? And how did roaccutane users cope with the healing progress?


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