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feelin shittt



i feel so shitty right now! i feel depressed and angry at my acne and my face for making me go through this, i feel angry at myself for letting it get to me and for letting my gf down on thurs but ill make it upto her, hopefully shell be k with it fmllllll i hate myself for this!!!!!! i hate myself for letting it get to me ughhhhhhhhh.

skin wise ...

left cheek is being a fkkkiin pain in the a**!!! ive got "something" (i dont kknow whether itll be a cyst, nodule or whatever, its just slightly raised and hurts to the touch like its still developing))) ive also got the same thing on my cheek at the bottom where i applied emu oil it isnt ready to scab over its more like a spot which also hurts to the touch.

right cheek.

the whitehead looks a horrible dark colour. i popped it as it had a little head but not much came out. ive spot treated all the above spots with mario badescu drying lotion, wich is also running out fml!!

anyhow going to apply the aha tonight again over the bp my skin is looking horrible and i need to see how much my skin can handle it!

i dont like how my skins looking and i have to deal with te shitty marks after which though is frustraing it isnt as bad as having the actual bumps! i hate the dull and dry skin.

acne i hate you go away!!


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