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Pre- Accutane Jitters

brigid nyc


I'm fairly certain no one will read this, but the other logs on this site have made me feel better about starting accutane, so I'm going to give it a try!

I have extremely fair skin & I've had mild to moderate acne since I was 14-15. It flairs up from time to time & seems to be hormonal - when I was on higher dosage BCP, it helped a lot but the the higher dosages made me legit ca-razy. So I couldn't deal with the emotional roller coster and am now on Loestrin, which my derm says is pretty much like taking Skittles every day, and doesn't really affect my acne at all. Topical treatments help, but they have not solved the problem. Since I'm so fair, it takes a while for my red marks to fade, which makes it worse as well. I know that my acne problem could be much worse, trust me. But it has been a persistent problem for 10 yrs now & I really just hate having to ALWAYS wear make up and I'm sick of feeling self conscious.

So despite some reservations, my dermatologist finally convinced me to give Accutane a try. I had my second pregnancy test yesterday & am just waiting now to be cleared before I can go pick up my prescription.

Was anyone else super nervous before beginning? I'm terrified my acne is going to get much worse before it gets better. I had a serious flare up in April that was horrible and I don't want to relive that. (And coincided with me visiting the guy I was dating at the time, who I am no longer dating. I've convinced myself it was due to the state of my skin.)

Also - and I realize that this is superficial & white girl problem central - but I'm a young professional living in NYC. The idea of not drinking for 5 months is seriously horrifying as well. I feel like if I see results it won't be so bad, but I'm nervous that I won't see results or it will get worse AND on top of that I have to be antisocial.

SO does anyone who has a similar background have any advice??? Anything they recommend I do before I start my dosage?? Right now I have a few blemishes on my cheeks & chin, and of course, blackheads on my nose which never go away (UGH). Really, I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that this is going to be worth it.

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