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Day 7-Getting a little better



Hey everyone,

Today is okay so far. Workers outside my apartment were making a shit ton of noise early, so I couldn't sleep. Ugh, oh well. The spots that I messed with are now scabs :cool: so I'll have to wait for them to fully form and fall off. A whitehead formed on my chin (the first in a week) probably because of my diet, late nights, and skipping the BHA one night. I told myself not to pop it and just leave it alone, but I didn't. Its a small red spot. I'll probably ice it a little bit before my shower today just to reduce the swelling and redness. I fell asleep in bed and didn't wake up until 5am to wash my face. I was so mad at myself, but I really wasn't wearing too much makeup so I guess it was okay. The BHA definitely smoothed things out a bit. So, here is a breakdown of my face today.

Forehead: Bumps on the left side of my forehead (looking pretty yucky)

Eyebrows/Cheeks/Nose:Smooth with a little redness, but great overall

Upper lip: Worst area, no breakouts but some clogged pores, scabs, and hyperpigmentation

Chin: Red spot from popped whitehead and various hyperpigmentation

I really, really need to work on my diet. I need to clean it up and avoid the dairy. I need to wash off my makeup and do my nightly routine before I get super tired, I need to drink a lot of liquid and green tea and get my supplements in. I have to stop the popping and picking, because one of my best friend's bachelorette party is this Saturday. I cannot miss it. Gotta stay strong! Also, going to attempt to clean up the bedroom.

Until tomorrow!


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