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Day 39



Skin has been kind of clogged over last week, mainly I think because I have had my period, so the old hormones have been acting up and making my skin more prone to clogged pores and increased sebum production. Just goes to show that cleaning up your diet doesn't cure everything - mnah!

Nothing really bad though, and nothing that I couldn't have ignored if I had a bit more will power - literally no inflamed sore cystic acne, which used to be a usual occurrence at this time of the month, just clogged pores and non-inflamed bumps. Guess it takes time for skin to stop doing this shit, espeically when you have an element of scarring to contend with that means that your pores don't behave the way they should.

Have started using a night time combination of emu oil mixed with jojoba with a combination of essenatial oils to try and deal with some old scarring and also to reduce oil production. I found that emu oil was clogging my skin last time I used it (before I went gluten free), so will be interesting to see how I react to it this time. I decided to mix it half and half with jojoba for this reason, and also, the essential oils I am using should help to keep pores unclogged by reducing sebum levels. So far so good (has only been a few days however) - will report back how my skin likes it over the next couple of weeks. I think dealing with the scarring needs to be a priority issue for me as the brown marks that hang around on my skin for months at a time really make my skin look worse than it is, so I am as yet only feeling the psychological benefit of going gluten free regards my skin, rather than the physical benefit of it looking clear every time I look in the mirror, i.e. I *know* it is better cos I have less sopts, but the old marks hanging around don't make this obvious....if that makes any sense at all!

Health wise, I am feeling better and better - have started running again and am loving it, really have so much more energy and stamina to run than I used to - feels great! Asthma very settled, haven't had any heartburn for weeks and weeks, zero headaches apart from one I got around my period a few days ago, so all in all, I am totally hooked on grain free and feel that it is 100% the way my body needs to be - I just don't tolerate grains.


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