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Day 12



Monday 13th June 2011

I totally ruined my skin diet over the weekend... Friday went for a Japanese with my family and friends. So it was rice city and we drank so much that on the train back we were dancing up and down the carriage singing (the carriage of people ended up joining in AND the conductor, wish I could post youtube videos on here. It was like a flash mob of middle aged people).

Saturday I ate my weight in cakes and curry and drank enough wine to find it a good idea to bump and grind to improvised jazz with my friends - typical family party for me.

Anyway, my skin has broken out quite a bit. I've persevered with the Clinique regimen but the moisturiser is nearly finished!!!!! I only bought it 13 days ago. It's so drying that you need to use quite a lot. I'm thinking about returning it and starting on the perscription moisturiser instead.

Oh and I did a lemon and honey mask on Saturday whilst in the bath (see above) which did improve the appearance of my skin around the blemishes but did absolutely nothing for my existing spots.

Last night I went to my boyfriends house to chill out and watch LOTR and feast more. His housemate's girlfriend was there and is honest to god the most BEAUTIFUL girl I've seen in my life, her skin has never heard of a pore. She looks like a cross between Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde. I feel SO self conscious around her so I caked myself in foundation. My boyfriend found it all a bit strange, I pretty much never wear makeup around him - never thought I'd be embarrassed because of WEARING makeup!!

New regimen - morning and night clinique routine, honey and lemon mask one hour before bed.


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