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Day 7



Wednesday 8th June 2011

Last night I went to the pub and had some greasy fried foods then had a huge bag of sweets at the cinema so I was fearing break out this morning from all the crappy food and wine. Especially because I wore the new Clinique foundation ALL day yesterday - and I rarely/never wear makeup all day.

This morning, no new spots. The pimples that came up on Sunday are fading very quickly. My skin seems less oily.

The redness is still quite apparent - I used to use sudacrem to sort out the reddness but I think the thick cream caused more pimples simultaneously.

The dying pimples are very dry. What I will say about the foundation is that so far - it is very good. BUT it is drier than my skin is used to. I looked in the mirror yesterday and saw that there were dry tiny circles of skin lifting away from my face. My boyfriend thought I'd got crumbs on my face and tried to brush it off (that was actually quite funny). I'm sure this will stop if the wash etc sorts out the pimples.