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Day 6



Tuesday 7th June 2011

At work yesterday, I was the least productive I've ever been. Spent the entire day on here and looking at review for different products. Decided to give lemon a shot. I've not had great experiences of putting food on my face - the egg STUNK, the mask was tight and uncomfortable and my housemates thought I had a bizarre fetish.

I squeezed some lemon into a ramikin and let a cotton wool ball soak up the juice. I applied it all over my face hoping to neutralise the PH of my face (that sounds sciency but really I'm just guessing). Then I got in the bath hoping that it would steam my pores open to allow the lemon in.

I didn't see immediate results but this morning my face does look less angry. I can't tell if that is down to the Clinique routine or the lemon. Also I have upped my dosage of Zinc to 50mg instead of 25mg.

I went back to the Clinique counter today and asked for the Anti Blemish foundation as I heard it can help heal existing zits and not aggravate new ones. The nice lady colour matched for me perfectly. I've read bad reviews about the anti blemish foundation... That the colours are bad and that it looks fake and cakey. I think that it really is just down to getting the right product for your skin? I applied it with my fingers this morning just to areas with red spots or active zits and it covered just as well as Maybelline minerals liquid and BETTER than Bare Minerals (which was a waste of money, I wish I could return).

I'll update on how the new routine goes adding foundation. I'm just a bit tired of coming into the office looking like I've just rolled out of bed because my face is naked and appears to have been clawed with a garden rake.


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