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Day 5



Monday 6th June 2011

My skin seemed to be getting a little better. I didn't have any new spots Saturday or Sunday. The Clinique is drying out the spots so that when they die there is a tiny circle of dead skin that comes away with the clarifying lotion.

I wore foundation on Saturday because the redness was quite bad and I think it broke me out... On Sunday evening I noticed that there were three baby spots forming around my mouth. I'm using the Clinique Blemish Gel on all the spots so I am hoping that these don't develop.

After running three packs of Yasmin together I'm having my week break so I was expecting to get a few pimples.

The large cyst that was forming on my chin never reached the full volcano status that I'm used to. It has actually nearly gone - encouraging.

I finally got a reply from the doctors and have an appointment with the dermatologist on Friday after 4 months of waiting- hooray!