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Background with acne




I have been posting my progress on the forum but have decided to move it all to a blog instead.

I started getting acne about three years ago. I went to Australia (frickin awesome!) gained 3 stone due to over indulgence and general happiness. Returned to the UK and lost 3 stone in three months due to training for three peaks challenge and quitting the beer (I miss you beer!)

My formally clear skin went insane! I had cyctic nodules and a lot of red angry spots, mainly around my mouth but also spread to my cheeks. I wish I had some photos of it at its worst but I was so depressed that I stopped appearing in photos... I'm sure everyone here will know how it feels to look in the mirror and feel so exhausted from fighting this persistent [email protected] that you have to swallow back tears and look away...

I have learnt my lesson RE squeezing spots. I'm NEVER going to squeeze another. Spots go in a week, scars last for years.

Things I have tried:

Gaining weight

Drinking over 6 pints of water a day (seems to work but I am forever needing a wee)

Eating a gazillion fruit and veg

Taking supplements - zinc, evening primrose oil, sea kelp, skin hair and nails, vitamin B5 (these are mega expensive and I'm not sure if they actually work)

Taking oxytetracycline - I hear these stain your teeth

Using Duac BP Gel - This majorly thinned the skin around my mouth and caused me to have deep lines. I'm 22. damn you duac!

Paracetamol Face Mask - pretty good exfoliator

Egg White Face Mask - Made me smell like an egg and my housemates thought I was weird

Washing my sheets twice a week.

Clean & Clear Gel

Tea Tree Foam Face Wash

Tea Tree Cream

Bio Oil - Why did I pay so much money to get more spots?

Sudacrem - this worked REALLY well getting rid of old acne scars

NONE of the above worked at getting rid of my acne.

Currently I am on Yasmin which is mainly beause I didn't get on with IUD and needed different birth control. I can't see it doing much to my skin and it has made my boobs enormous and I am ravenously hungry.

OK so back to Clinique Anti Blemish 3-Step System

I went to the Debenhams, the lady was wearing a lab coat which I found quite funny. She talked me through the science of why people get spots (kinda preaching the the choir buddy). Talked me through the 3-Step system and also sold me on a fourth which is a topical gel similar to Clean & Clear 4 Hour Gel apart from it doesn't explode every time you take the top off.

Paid £55 (ish) for the 4 steps. Used as soon as I got home. I currently have 5 large red spots around my mouth, a cyctic nodule on my chin and several more small red bumps getting themselves ready.


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