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Getting the most promising results ;] (DAY 5 of regimen)

Chelsie Louise


As I've mentioned in my previous entry, I'm using a green tea yogurt mask and it's the only regimen that gave me promising results as early as the first time I used it. It's been 5 days and I was surprised to wake up peeling, but not crazily peeling (ones that are very dry and red). The parts peeling are my scars and mini bumps but it isn't really obvious. This may sound icky but I tried to peel off one of the spots and when I got the thin layer of dead skin off, it's like there never was a dark acne scar there before :cool: I was like, would the results get any better than this!! So yea, I'm very satisfied with my regimen right now and I have no intentions of changing it anymore^^ I have no breakouts, no redness and I've never felt my face feel so good for some time until NOW :]I LOVE GREEN TEA! <3