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DAy 32



I have one zit on top of my right eyebrow that bleeds everytime I wash my face :cool: so that's not helping the healing process... the HUMONGOUS on on my cheek is getting smaller.. but is the same (it popped... it wasn't me... or was it)... anyway os getting smaller but is not looking as big as before... so far no new ones THANKFULLY!!! tomorrow morning, I have appointment with my doctor, and a blood test for pregnancy... thankfully he is not taking any liver test which I'm sure are crappy... since I've been drinking the last two weeks (no I'm not alcoholic.. is just social drinking). I hope he goes up on my dosage! It seems like my body got used to this 60mg... my face is not peeling anymore and my hair is not as dry as it used to be! so I think I need a higher dose... we'll see...