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still fighting!!



ok so the spot i got on my right cheek is infact a whitehead!! im soo glad its not a nodule!! im putting mb drying lotion on it and it seems to be coming to a head and drying. i think (hopefully) it wont be too hard to deal with.

wel wel wel my left cheek is annoying!! i have something coming up next to the cyst under the skin thing. its too early to tell what it is but im hoping :cool: its not a cyst nodule or anything too hard to deal with. ive blobbed alot of bp on it today, which kind of worried me now actually because i have i dont irritate it too much. anyhow it might deal with it if its one of those little red ones i get near my nose. only time will tel i can hope for the best.

i was also breaking out on the bottom of my cheek, kind of like on the side of my mouth. i honestly dont know what theyl turn out to be like. ive managed to kill one of with the bp, one ive noticed more today and another i cant tell what it is as its red and sligtly raised. i havnt applied bo on that today because im going to be applying emu oil, if it scabs it means the bp took care of it if not ill be spot treating with mb drying lotion!.

these breakout were before the aha. i tried it last night and so far i like it! but i dont want to be keeping my hopes up ill just have to see. how it goes tbh!

my skins obv starting to get the drying and dull looking effect, which im not liking. but id rather deal with that than breakouts and then the hp after that!!!

im determined to fight this thing. and hopefully the aha in the morning will be my missing piece. ill just wait and see, but rigt now im hoping my breakouts go away!!!!!! fml 3 days till i see the gf i might postpone it beause i know ill be self conscious and i wont look at ehr and id rather eait for a better day where i can look her in the eyes, as wen i dont i know it creates problems in our relationship which i cant be dealing with right now as i beleiev shes the one and i really love her.

i ust havnt fully accepted acne. i dont think i ever will and ill only rest till i beat it!!


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