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Wakeup- tired and not feeling to great. Haven't slept well in two days and forget to exercise yesterday, I've been exercising for an entire year at least 60-15 minutes a day - for health and stress. :(

I also read that using napkins and tissues is a bad thing to do. But usually if I use a tissue it's for my nose or has a hint of lemon on it to wipe away the oil from my T zone. Using towels is good to clean with but I have to change every time when I use one, usually because everyone uses it and don't want to use a dirty towel. :cool:

When I went to Sephora to pick up my birthday gift, I've noticed theres not alot of organic makeup in the store but I did get a bottle from philosophy. Don't like to buy online too much but have to for low prices and organic makeup from europe ( if I have the money for it) but usually buy whatever is cheap. :wacko: