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DAYS 30-33



LIke always haha weekend distracted me oh yeah i have finals this week which means two things one i probably wont post till friday (when school ends :( :( :dance: :dance: ) and also i will prob break out becasue im gonna be stressed ahhh fml anyway here ya update haha

ACNE- the red bumps have changed into whiteheads that hurt so its not better but not worse haha just different ahh kill me..oh well when school gets out im not gunna be nearly as worried about my face so thats good

SIDE EFFECTS- my girlfriend came over today and when she left i lokked in the mirror and realized a huge hunking part of my lip was hangign off haha ewwww i even called her and apolozgized lol i have to moisturize better :(

OTHER NOTES- what ever happend to rocket power haahahah :cool::wacko: