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Accutane Again



Hi I have been reading the boards a while and thought I would post my experience with Accutane.

My History:

Acne started right around age 13, I went to a derm tried every topical and antibiotic there was and nothing helped with the painful cysts so I was finally prescribed Accutane. Back then there was no IPledge and accutane was very easy to get. I took it for 4 months, my first month major breakout, then red face, I cleared in month 3 and stayed clear. Only side effect was dry lips, dry face not too bad, red face and dry hands and elbows. Once I finished the side effects went away with in a month and I had clear skin. It was great! For 6 years then slowly the oil returned and I got a few spots. I decided to try proactiv and it worked great and I stayed perfectly clear.

Flash Forward to Summer 2010:

The proactiv started burning my skin and my face got pinkish. Next I had some stressful events in my life and lastly I went off my birth control because my husband and I were talking children. Well that was the last straw for my skin. My face and neck turned very red and lots of flushing. I went to a derm and he said "oh it is rosacea, use Metrogel." that night I went home and put on the gel and woke to a burning! Rash and Hugh Cyst covered face! I went back and the derm actually said "I'm sorry that happened, here is a script for hydrocortisone, call in a couple months if it doesn't clear up."

Of course i went home and cried (and I'm not a cryer)

My husband was awesome he made a bunch of calls and got me into see another derma that day. Well the new derm prescribed Septra twice a day, 3 weeks of Prednisone, with differn and acanya.

Well the topicals didn't work and just burned and after 8 weeks the antibiotics didn't clear me.

I was told by the doctor that Accutane was really my only choice to get back to my clear state.

So here I am 30 years old and back on Accutant.

TODAY is Day 20

I am female 5'6" , 125lbs and was started on 50mg a day. I am also taking 20mg of prednisone a day for the first month because my doctor says there is no reason for people to have an IB and this prevents IB in 90% of her patients.

I was told by my doctor that splitting my dose each day makes no difference so I take it once a day at noon with a glass of water and I eat a spoon of Jiff Peanut Butter with Omega 3 in it.

On my first day of Accutane my face had about 30 active spots and about 7 major cysts covering my whole face.

Durning the last 20 days my face has gotten dry but not flaky, my face has gotten a red tint that comes and goes, my lips are dry but not peeling, and my elbows have terrible dryness. My face has clear 85%, I have one red bump on my forehead, one cyst underskin on my neck and one cyst under skin on left of chin. I have major pigmentation spots on both cheeks and jaw line.

I am a little scared reading other blogs about people still breaking out badly in the upcoming months. I am hope this clearing I have will stay. But who knows Accutane seems to be a roller coaster. But it worked for me before and therefore I am praying it will work again.

Since everyone seems to be reacting to accutane so differently I will try to update this often so people can get a view into my experience with this powerful drug.

Products I'm using:

cetephil for sensitive skin morning/night

Aubrey Moisturing Cream morning/night (lighting pigmentation)

Biafine on pigmentation spots twice daily (face redness almost gone)

2% hydrocortisone spot treatment on spots (heals in two to three days)