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I'm 29/female. Although my skin has never been perfect, at this point its never been worse. I'm blessed in that I never had severe acne. However I have always had breakouts here and there since my teens. I believe the cystic acne started cropping up in my twenties. And I just started getting blackheads (ewww).

I have fair skin with hyperpigmentation. I've also been cursed with dark coarse facial hair, which I believe is hereditary because my children were born with it. Its all over my face, cheeks, chin, upper lip, on nose, and forehead. Laser would be ideal but until I win the lottery, I will have to wax.

There was a point in time where I was breakout free. I think this only lasted a few months and was either because I was on birth control or using the right products. I have been off bp for almost a year and a half. I'm wondering if this is why my skin condition has gotten worse.

Within the last year or so, my skin took a real beating. Its like I aged overnight, plus acne. My skin has always been scarred from popping cysts, but I also begin to notice these "ice pick" scars and keloid scars. I must have dozens if not hundreds of these ice pick scars on my cheeks and along my t-zone. My keloid scars are in the sunken part of my cheeks under my jaw bone.

So since the beginning of the year I had one professional PCA peel, with minimal results. I ordered a low glycolic peel from MUAC and have been using that for a 5 weeks now, minimal results. I understand these peels take several treatments but as far as the professional one, I have found it not so affordable. I also orderd a bottle of 15% TCA peel but have not felt comfortable testing that out. I recently read that you are suppose to heal and get rid of your acne first, then work on scarring. So I have taken that caution.

Let's see what will work for me...