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Four Days Left!



So, I know this is a little early to start this blog but I am just so excited and nervous about going on accutane that I had to write something.

I've never been one of those people with really bad cystic acne, but I have been consistently breaking out since age 12. On an average week, I have at least 3 huge white heads all over my t-zone area. I also have extremely oily skin to the point where I shower and then 2 hours later I need to use at least 2 of the oil blotting papers to remove all of the oil. It's gross. I know some people would say that's not a good enough reason to take accutane, but I think it is. I am 20 years old and have suffered from acne for 8 years. I am done with being embarrassed to go outside because of how my skin looks. I look at the skin of everyone who I meet (probably because I have bad skin) and they all have clear skin. Sometimes I think it's not fair.

I first started going to my derm about 6 years ago and we talked about putting me on accutane to start with, which I know is unusual. However, since it is such a severe drug, I opted to try other things first. So, I have basically been on everything that the drug market has to offer for acne. I've been on/used: doxycycline, tazarac, duac, differin, solydyn, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, birth control, proactive, and probably every over the counter acne product that the drug store sells. Basically, I've wasted thousands of dollars on doctors visits and products and none of them have worked.

So, I finally went to my derm and asked for accutane and she agreed to give it to me. I have my appointments on Friday for my blood work and then to get my prescription and I actually am really excited. I know accutane is a big deal because believe me I've done A LOT of research. I've spent hours pouring over accutane blogs on this site and every other site. I've read about the pros and cons and all of the possible side effects. I know what I'm getting myself into. I also know that it could possibly work. I know that in the end it will be worth it. It will be nice not to have to spend an hour in the morning doing surgery on my face to make it look presentable.

The point of this blog is to not only get advice about accutane because I know there are so many people out there who have gone through this, but to give others who are thinking about going on accutane an additional story.

As far as questions go I have a few for people reading who have gone through this. Since I do not have really bad cystic acne I was thinking that I would go on a low dose of accuntane. I would like to start at 20mg and only go up to 40mg (if that's even necessary). Has anyone else out there done this? I'm hoping this low of a dosage will lessen the side effects. Also, I'm kind of nervous about a couple of things including the sun (because it's summer) and alcohol (because I go to college and tend to drink). Does anyone have any advice about either of these things?

Thanks for reading and I promise to keep posting (most entries will be a lot shorter than this one).

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its incredible from what your telling us that u have bad cystic acne than this is the drug for you haha good luck to you im on it currently and its hard but i know it will be worth the wait :- only word of advice right now is get a good chapstick be prepared for a nasty initial breakout and hold out till it gets bettter good luck!:doubt:

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