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Skin report [12, 6, 11]



Skin report [12, 6, 11]

Skin is suprisingly clear today.

No active spots on face or back.

Redness on lip from spot that was a white head but is now popped.

Pain on eyebrow/forehead has now gone and never actually turned into a beast spot, which is good.

Some dead spots near ears.

Lots of dead/dying spots on scalp - at least 6.

I haven't had any pufas for nearly a week now. - Probably got nothing to do with it though.

Also guts haven't been great last few days - especially last night and this morning - lot of gas - either not connected to skin or the delay of spot formation means i will see the results in next few days.

Also basically zero sleep last night and anxious last few days.

Bowel movement today was firmer than yesterday and was the now usual firm first part followed by sloppy, and today, felt almost diarrhea like.


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