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Sharing my Regimen :D

Chelsie Louise


Good day! I'm in a crazy good mood today though i had a break out last night, well it was just one! and thank God it's gone when I woke up this morning :dance: Know what I did? So basically this entry is about it because I just can't believe how effective it is for me! I just don't know if it will work the same for you, but I've done research about it and I have never seen/read anyone who ever complained or having break outs while using those all natural products. Then with that I decided to make my very own face mask every night (The same mask I applied last night that made my zit disappear overnight!) FACE MASK:-Lemon Juice-Plain Yogurt-Green Tea Leaves (from tea bags)It's funny how I ended up using green tea leaves than it's juice :cool: I was so desperate relieving all the redness in my face that I decided to poke the green tea bag and apply it to my face directly rather than soaking it up with water! The great thing is that with those leaves, I was able to make a facial mask/scrub! Because with the texture of the leaves combined with yogurt, if you massage it well in your face it does feel so good! So what I do is combine all the said things and make a paste (well not really that thick) then I massage my whole face with it, more like ex foliating (since i said that it can be a facial scrub too) then after doing so for a minute or more, I apply more to my face and build it up just like a mask. Then I allow it to dry until all I see in my face are the leaves! haha! But if you aren't as patient as me, I guess 10-15 minutes is enough for your face to soak up the effect :( As soon as you wash it off, you'll be surprised how smooth and soft your skin will be! I was shocked myself the first time I did! Never in my life I felt that way :wacko: I used to work with yogurt and oatmeal before but I never felt and got such results! So I deserted oatmeal and replaced it with green tea leaves, haha. It has been 4 days since I started doing this and the results are unbelievable! My scars got lighter and I don't get as break outs that often and as big like before! and if ever do, it's barely unnoticeable :DMORE THINGS I'VE DONE WITH GREEN TEA:*The Green Tea Bag MagicOther than the mask, I have another thing that I do with green tea. Since I'm in Japan and people here are so into green tea and all, it's never hard to find one. I have searched this method off earlier this month and only days before my pictorial that I decided to try it. I got myself another green tea bag, mildly soaked it in warm water and directly placed it at the area where a red and crazy zit was showing. I just held it there for some minutes, I even dozed off while doing so. Amazingly when I finally decided to cut the crap and sleep, the moment I took it off the area; I barely noticed the crazy zit that was in there before! I was like OMO! There was still a little bump but it was definitely not as worse as before! REDNESS TOTALLY GONE! and the size deflated! So now, whenever I have a pain in the ass zit showing off. I drown it with green tea!*Water and Green TeaI've been drinking green tea for a week straight. Although I'm not really a fan of it's icky taste, I'm starting to like it and get the hang of it :( I drink 4-5 glasses a day now. Before I started with 2-3 but I started seeing results and since it was that great, I increased my intake per day. I also drink atleast 5 glasses of water too. I alternate it with green tea. I feel so refreshed ever since I did this. I never cared about what or how much I drink before but now that I'm aware how good it is, I'm sticking with it :DMY DIET:Before, if I wanted to eat something I EAT! Not caring at all about diet. Now since got so desperate trying to change my lifestyle and clearing up to pursue my modeling job, I change everything and threw out all my bad eating habits!When I wake up, the first thing I do is drink! Whether it be water or green tea. I've read that it helps you flush out all the bad things inside you especially since you've got an empty stomach. A river flow of water in your system would be very effective at moments like that. Also, with an empty stomach. It was said that fruits are very effective during times like that and all the vitamins and minerals fruits have becomes very effective when you eat them with an empty stomach. So what I do is cut fresh fruits like banana and apple then I pour some yogurt to it (Yogurt is very healthy and i love it) and if I want texture, I'd put a handful of cornflakes! YUM! Who said eating healthy won't taste good? I just had that earlier :DLunch and Dinner, What I do is that I don't each as much rice now (rice is a very asian thing) and I watch out for oily and fatty stuff :( I eat vegetables as much as I could (although I'm not a fan of it as well) I don't do anything special really. I just think of what's good and bad for me now, not like before :DWell that's a lengthy entry, but I hoped it helped! Nothing is wrong with trying people :( plus you won't lose anything if you start changing bad habits into good ones! It will only prosper you with benefits. Till here :dance:


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