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Hey all,

Its been a while since I've updated. Been using the BHA at night and sometimes in the morning, but it can be pretty drying, although nothing my Cetaphil moisturizer can't handle. I feel like my upper lip (my most clogged and worst area, damn you upper lip!) is purging the clogs that were taking up permanent residence on my face. :( I'll admit that I did squeeze a few areas, now my upper lip looks like shit. The BHA definitly makes my skin more fragile so it tears easily when I fuck with it. I know I shouldn't do it, but I can't allow these nasty clogs to sit there on my face. *Gross warning* One spot kept torturing me. It was so clogged and looked full of under the skin pus. I squeezed it and so much shit came out. Fucking gross as shit. I am disgusted that it was on my face. :wacko:

I've also been going out a lot more, which means late nights and sometimes forgetting to wash my face until I wake up in the middle of the night. Also, my eating has been BAD. Buffalo wings, cheese, fries, etc. I haven't been breaking out in inflammed acne, but I'm sure it hasn't helped my texture and radiance. Also, I feel bloated and gross. I need to get back on a clean and healthy diet. I love this BHA though. My forehead is looking pretty smooth minus some resistant little spots, my nose is looking poreless and my chin hasn't broken out since I've started using it. That's something right! :cool:

Like everyone, I just wish my skin could be flawless. I am pretty, but my skin holds me back. I am crossing my fingers that my skin continues to get better. I know that it takes a month or more for this BHA to really kick in and the purging will continue. I really just need to stay strong and stop picking at my face. It is a constant struggle. Everywhere else is looking good except my upper lip, so I need to really focus on leaving that area alone. Wish me luck!!

Much Love!


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