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Day 56 of 135 (Week 8 of 19) 42% of the way through



It is Sunday the 12th of June 2011. I am nearing the half-way mark on this course. So far the only side effects I have suffered from have been the dry lips (although they are pretty much fine now) and my hip joints start to ache after a lot of exercise and then I am stiff for a couple of days after. It doesn't help that I am quite sporty. Finally I suffer from mild dry skin on my face and arms whihc is easily sorted out by moisturizer. I am happy with the lack of side effects I have suffered from. I would say on day one of my accutane course, the severity of my acne went as follows:

My back was an 8/10 ---> Now 5.5/10

My right side of my neck 3/10 ---> Now 0.5/10

My left side of my neck 4/10 ---> Now 1/10

My chest 4/10 ---> Now 1/10

My face 1.5/10 ---> Now 0/10

I am happy with the progress so far. Hopefully it will carry on improving with minimal side effects. Bring on week 9!