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Exposed Skin Care



It looks like I'm going to be venturing out on another acne limb, and trying yet another new product called Exposed Skin Care. It has fantastic reviews, and I've dug pretty deep to make sure it's not just like Proactiv where they use actors and the same testimonials for long periods of time. It really does seem effective, and it's on pretty much every top 10 list for acne products out there (usually it's even number 1!). I'm hoping now that since my acne isn't quite as severe anymore, this product will do the trick and smooth things out. I just want skin that I don't have to cover up, for once in my life. I've had acne since I was 8! That's 8 years of pain, redness, low self-esteem, a mountain range on my face, two rounds of accutane, and an impressively long list of dumb hyped up products that do NOT WORK. Might as well take another risk, I've already seen the worst....

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