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Acne and Organic products



Look at the mirror at night and there was a patch of red skin on my lower lip with tiny bumps- if this is all I get, I'm glad. :cool:

The tough thing of being organic is the price and shipping because most of the companies sell in europe. The only things I have organic is the burt's bees lipstick and gloss. Aubery Organic's Aloe Vera and my jojoba oil. These products were in good price or sale, mostly in sale. The jojoba oil I got was $8 for a tiny bottle but usually cost $11. I don't have the money to buy all this stuff all the time usually until I get a paycheck for a part time job but mostly i'm in school, trying to pass classes. But i've always have websites saved as my favorites to check for a good price on those organic products of any kind. :wacko: